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Front-End Web Developer
User Experience
Visual Design


July, 2016



pastel and pretty

I wanted to create something soft and simple. I love using the primary colors, but even better is the tinted version!

palette example palette example
palette example palette example
typography example

adore u

I envision this mockup to be used for a person to showcase their portfolio in a visual diary way.

screenshot screenshot ui elements

thank you for viewing this project

This part of the website is being edited. My prices for my services go as:

  • Web Development and Design: $40 an hour
  • Webmaster Services: $120 a month
  • Logo Design, Graphic Design, Marketing Design: $20 an hour

If you are interested you can e‐mail me at or, call or text me at 1 (734) 626-6675-- if you call me and I do not answer leave a voicemail containing your name, the subject of the call, and a phone number or email address for me to get back with you. If you do not leave a voicemail I will not call back.

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